Our Handy Cord Hooks Serve As An Ultimate Savior From Electric Shocks!

Superior Metal Works LLC is famed as a pioneer in introducing a series of replacement electrical cords for appliances. Our catalog extends to not only offer our clients with powerful ambiance through adorning elements but also ensures safety and security through Newbern Outdoor Electric Cord.

Keeping in mind the safety concerns of the homeowners and construction workers, our outdoor electric cord serves as the best rescuer against electric shocks.

Our Stainless Steel Hose Hangers Mitigate Many Risks!

Superior Metal Works LLC aims to offer safety to your cords from getting damaged or cut while not in use. For that purpose, it has offered you an aesthetically pleasing solution in the form of cord hangers Alabama.

More About Our Air Hose Organizer

Our cordless power tool organizer covers the following attributes, including but not limited to:

Easy To Use

You just need to hang your cords on our cord hangers Alabama to keep the wires organized. And it’s all done.

Varying Sizes

Our cordless power tool organizer comes in different sizes to meet your unique requirements for electrical cords, air hose, and anything else that you need to organize.

Areas of Usage

Since the purposeful manufacturing of replacement electrical cords for appliances prevents shocks, its typical utilities surround the same motive.

Our Newbern outdoor electric cord is safe to use during electrical maintenance, construction work, outages, turnaround, and shutdowns to suspend the cables, hoses, and work gear off the work floor. This is done to prevent trip, slip, and fall accidents.


The Air hose organizer by Superior Metal Works LLC comes with a wall-mount and can be easily positioned in either way — vertically or horizontally, depending upon your space.

Pleasant To Eye

Since our cord hangers Alabama are incredibly lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, they beautify the space where they are mounted.

Places Where They Can Be Mounted

Our cordless power tool organizer can be used wherever you want, but more importantly, the following places are the ones where you can find cord hangers Alabama major application.

➔ Switch rooms

➔ Substations

➔ Generator rooms

➔ Computer/Data Centers

➔ UPS Battery Rooms

If you don’t want to become the victim of electric shock, don’t forget to have stainless steel hose hangers on your wish list.