Make Your Outdoor Place The Fun Loving Space

Quality time is the one spent with family and friends. Nothing can beat the ambiance that is fostered through a festive get-together. People love spending their moments in parks, campgrounds, and green spaces. Having an outdoor fire pit ring installed serves as the icing on the cake. This element adds more fun and offers a plethora of other benefits as well.

Why Do You Need To Have One With You?

When it comes to grilling out or barbecuing in public spots, an outdoor cooking fire pit is a necessary element. Whether you want to chill out at some privately owned parks, a commonplace outside the university dorms or campgrounds, you need stainless steel fire rings that withstand every seasonal change and repeated use.

However, you don’t need to worry more. Superior Metal Works LLC marks excellence as the most affordable and highly resistive outdoor steel fire pit rings supplier. That too at a wide variety.

Our Outdoor Fire Pit Ring Offers Every Reason to Be on Your Wish list

Since barbequing has gained more popularity than ever, fire rings and grills are the ideal site amenities for any outdoor environment. Thus, when you make a purchase of an outdoor cooking fire pit from Superior Metal Works LLC, we ensure you offer the following:


Our stainless steel fire rings are constructed from high-quality construction materials and methods. The covered patio fire pit AL body is sturdy and enamel-coated, which helps you repeatedly use the fire pit rings for many years to come.


We provide excellent quality fire rings for our valued customers.

Variety of Applications:

Our fire rings can be purchased with a floor and short legs to keep the heat off the patio or set on the ground at the campsite. Moreover, they can also be purchased as a single ring or as a combo with cooking attachments for cooking outdoors. We offer a grill grate for the hamburgers, steaks, chicken, or just plain old hot dogs. The wok is for stirring fry, whether it’s for breakfast or fajitas in the evening, and a hook for that Dutch oven or coffee pot.


Superior Metal Works LLC offers its very supply of outdoor fire pit cooking grill with a 100% guarantee to sustain every seasonal change.

High-Temperature Enamel:

Our supply of outdoor fire pit cooking grill is finished with non-toxic and high-temperature enamel to tolerate the prolonged heat and high flames. They are also rust-resistant.


We offer a wide array of fire rings Alabama that meets your unique desire and requirements. If you want to make personalization to the outdoor steel fire pit rings, we will customize them to offer you your required fire ring.

Fire Safety Features:

Each of our fire rings Alabama is designed with such features that encourage optimal fire safety and security.

Mounting Options:

We offer a specialized supply of covered patio fire pit AL furnished with steel posts to offer you both the configuration options, surface mount, and in-ground mount. Moreover, they come with adjustable grills. Our fire ring is a bolt-together design allowing it to be easily disassembled and shipped, or stored.

Personal Assistance:

Our knowledgeable staff helps you make the proper selection after comprehending your individual need for the fire rings. We are dedicated to offering you the safety of not only your space but your pocket too.

Get Your Hands On The Finest of All!

Your outdoor patio or hunting camp needs one of our uniquely designed Fire Rings! Get your customized fire ring today, as there is no better tomorrow.